What are the age restrictions for a parachute jump ?

Lower limits: 12 years 1.3m and 40 kg / no upper age limit
Medical certificate required upper 65 years old
For minors, the written consent of both parents is necessary.

What kind of physical condition is required ?

You simply need to be in normal good health. (Etre en forme normale.)
For people over 65 and under 15 years of age, a medical certificate is not necessary: if in doubt, consult your doctor, who is the only person qualified to give a medical opinion! Contact us beforehand if you weigh in excess of 90 kg ( --- lbs)
Glasses and contact lenses do not pose any particular problem.
Eat according to your normal routine before jumping.
No alcohol during the 12 hours before your jump, please!

Should I have any worries about landing ?

No – landing techniques have come a long way since the days of round parachutes!
The professional parachutist is the first to land, anyway, and so will control the speed of the parachute in order to land in the best conditions.

Weather conditions ?

These will determine whether the jump will take place at all (excessive wind, cloud formation and rain may cause us to postpone your appointment if the forecast does not predict an improvement)
If in doubt, contact us before setting out at 06 90 771 541

What is the likely timespan for carrying out a parachute jump ?

The time which you have been allotted is the time when you should arrive on site for registration.
The briefing will take place afterwards, followed shortly by the take-off of your plane.
You should in any event plan to devote half a day to the jump, from start to finish: temporary cloud cover or wind may cause the tandem parachute experts to delay or postpone jumping in the interests of safety and thus delay the original, scheduled times.

Some general indications :

Registration and briefing before the jump in general takes around 15 minutes

The flight by plane to the appropriate altitude takes approximately 20 minutes

The jump altitude is usually between 3,000 – 3,500 meters ( 9850 -11500 feet)
The free fall phase lasts between 35 to 50 seconds (at 180 to 230 km/h) ( 115 to 145 mph)

The final descent after the parachute opens takes 5 to 7 minutes.

Parachute jumping alone, or in tandem ?

It is far simpler and quicker to do a parachute jump as a tandem jump.
However, if you wish to learn more about this exciting sport, your tandem parachutist will be able to advise you of a way of continuing which is taillored to your individual needs and desires.

Is it possible to do a parachute jump with a friend ?

No problem: if you wish to share these moments of intense emotion with friends on the same flight, our plane can take up to 2 tandem groups (parachutist and client).

Is it necessary to reserve a long time in advance ?

For all reservations, call 06 90 771 541 and according to availabilities, we can agree on the best time possible.

Which modes of payment may be used ?

  • Wire transfert
  • Cash.

PLEASE NOTE that there is no Credit card or bank card facility on site.

How can I offer a parachute jump as a gift ?

Call us on 06 90 771 541 and we will prepare a gift voucher and send it by email with our bank references ... or on special request, we can deliver it in person.

Any other questions?

Please call us on 06 90 771 541