A Tandem Parachute Jump

A tandem parachute jump of over 10,000 feet, just like that! First of all, we will get you ready for moments of the strongest sensations:


Please wear comfortable, supple clothing (t-shirt, shorts) and sports shoes. We will provide you with goggles for the jump. Fun costumes or disguises can be accomodated as long as they do not present a safety risk.

After completing the necessary paperwork, we will prepare you for the different phases of the tandem parachute jump, so that you may enjoy it to the full. A qualified parachutist will look after you and present the materials used, before explaining and practising the handsigns to be used during the jump.


By now you should be re-assured and ready to go!
This is your chance to take in the beautiful places and views you will be flying over!
(Orient Bay, Tintamarre, Pintel, St. Barthelemy, etc...)

There's absolutely no need to worry, because even if you forget any of the safety advice, your tandem pilot will remind you before the opening of the doors.

The temperature and exterior pressure will get lower whilst your pulse will accelerate as the moment draws near. (, and your hands will get a little moist/clammy).

So now you can feel the beating of your heart: the time has come: the plane engine slows and the door opens, and...


Seated at the door of the plane, your tandem pilot will guide you into position, then...
one... two... THREE !

You're off into free fall!

An extreme sensation of pleasure and freedom will overtake you!